In every good family, birthday is a reason to celebrate. At 50th birthday, one has a piece of life behind. It is full of strength and experience. Young indiscretion alternates peace and dignity. So as we as the organizers are experiencing the 50th anniversary of our competition.

The Grand Prix of Brno in swimming can look proudly back. It has managed to create a tradition of the event the meaning of which has the fame within the Czech Republic and within the Czech swimming.

Despite several changes in the place of the competition, when generations are replaced on organizational positions, it has retained and still has the highest quality. Swimming in the final at the Grand Prix of Brno is often more difficult than at the Czech Championships. We were able to introduce to the swimmers and the general public a number of elite swimmers every year, including finalists and medalists from the European Championships, the World Championship or even from the Olympic Games.

We consider the Grand Prix Brno as a showcase not only for Brno swimming but also for the Czech one, and the quality of this international event has a positive sound in many parts of Europe. Under the slogan “50 is just the beginning”, we decided to move from the 25m pool from Lesná to the Swimming Pool stadium Lužánky. 50th year of GP Brno belongs to the 50-meter swimming pool!

We decided to swap the Swimming pool Lužánky with the artificial wall and the competition will take place classically on a 25-meter swimming pool. The “Oldnew” place (several years of GP Brno were held in Lužánky in a 50-meter swimming pool) will provide not only us, but especially swimmers larger swimming pool area (8 tracks) and also the possibility of warm down. A large tribune with a capacity of 1200 seats and giant LED board are just another nice pieces of mosaic of this jubilee 50th Grand Prix Brno in swimming 2018.

As usual this year will be part of the Czech Cup in swimming ARENA Cup – 5th round. For the Czech swimmers this event will also be the only qualification to the World Swimming Championship in the short swimming pool held in Hangzhou, China.

Dear sports friends, it will be pleasureto meet you in Brno. This time at the new place and with new date, but still in the traditionally excellent international competition. We wish you and your competitors the great performances, a lot of personal records and a wonderful time in Brno.


Mgr. Zdeněk Tobiáš

Director of Grand Prix Brno